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“Hello! I’m Cecilia, and I embarked on this incredible journey in search of a holistic approach to self-care. At 40, I began noticing the effects of premature aging caused by bad habits and choosing the incorrect treatments being involved in the medical industry ONLY, so when I discovered this holistic method and started practicing, I realized that I connected with my MIND, BODY and FACE at the same time. Just combining the right treatments and TAKING TIME FOR MY SELF AS I NEVER HAD BEFORE. That’s why I choose natural holistic treatments for my whole soul, body, and mind, not JUST beauty.

My transformation began when I became a certified Face Yoga instructor using the renowned Glowinface method. Along the way, I also earned certifications in using Beauty Tools like Gua-sha and cupping. These tools have been invaluable in enhancing my holistic self-care routine

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 Customized Facials

Lumina Skin Facial

Ideal for first-time clients, this facial is highly recommended for those who need to improve their skin’s texture, hyperpigmentation, and hydration. Includes extractions. *Bring your products if you have any questions *Recommended for all skin types

Natural Glow Facial

This extraordinary facial is the same customized protocol as “Lumina Skin Facial.” Still, we will add + 20 minutes of massage, doing lymphatic drainage massage, and using Gua-Sha Stone and Cupping therapy. It is recommended for aging, mature, and dehydrated skin types.

Neck & Face Ritual Lifting Massage

A delicious and exclusive combination of superficial and deep tissue massage techniques combined with intraoral technique, Gua Sha, Cupping, and specific accessories will restructure your face, revealing your original features. A delicate job of remodeling both your internal and external facial structures where our experts will play the role of true "sculptors" of your natural beauty. Ending with LED light Therapy and Auriculotherapy

Face Yoga Classes (IN-Person)

Let’s practice IN-person the Beginners FACE Yoga Program In-person (limited space)

With our exclusive holistic method of FACIAL YOGA, you’ll activate tone, sculpt, and release tension. It will revitalize your face, restoring mobility, symmetry, muscle tone, freshness, and luminosity to your skin.

These exercises tone and lift the most prominent and heaviest muscles. This is how we’re making space for working with smaller muscles. We’ll learn the exercises:

We’re still activating and toning the biggest muscles on the face (frontalis, occipitalis, platysma, and sides of the face, as all the muscles are connected). We’ll learn the exercises:

We’re focused on strengthening the Orbicularis Oris muscle, the upper part of the cheeks, and reducing nasolabial folds. We’ll learn the exercises:

Now we’re digging into the deepest muscle layers – corners of the mouth and deep cheek muscles. We’ll learn the exercises:

Toning and strengthening the upper part of the face, especially reducing wrinkles under and on the sides of the eyes, improving eye vision. After the exercise, take the pictures of the participants again and compare them with the first ones. We’ll learn the exercises:

We also offer Personalized workshops

Private /Bussiness/Friends courses for special groups 

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"Natural Beauty Workshops"

Prepárate para una experiencia increíble que te ayudará a transformar completamente tu estilo de vida y realzar la belleza de tu piel.

En estos talleres descubrirás mi método especial para desintoxicar, contornear y esculpir tu rostro.

Utilizaremos técnicas naturales como yoga facial, ejercicios de respiración y masajes linfáticos para conseguir fantásticos resultados.

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In-person or  ONLINE

No more relying on generic products, following social media influencer recommendations, or simply guessing what to buy.

For instance, what works wonders for some may irritate or burn the skin of others.


Moreover, the amount of money you’re wasting when products end up gathering dust in your bathroom or when you toss them due to choosing the wrong products.

Not all products work for everyone.

Meet Cecilia

Founder of Lumina Skin Center, Holistic esthetician, and Facial Yoga Instructor.

I have been an esthetician for over 15 years and am fortunate to continue in this beautiful world of beauty. Since the arrival of COVID, I decided to change my path, following my instinct and philosophy of the most natural skincare, only using YOUR TIME AND HANDS.

With me, you will learn face yoga exercises, lymphatic massages, gua sha face suction cups, K-tape, and how to choose the correct skin care products to glow from the inside out.

I also fell into its trap. However, thanks to my experience, I can assure you that its adverse effects can be reversed.

How did I do it? With rituals of natural beauty.

Don’t worry! It has a solution, and I can help you show off a radiant face again.

The secret is the consistency you apply to the routine.

We offer services In-person and Online

Benefits of face yoga

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