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Cecilia’s Story

Hey there! I’m Cecilia, your go-to source for all things natural beauty. My journey started in Cordoba, Argentina, and took me on a magical adventure through Bolivia before settling in Maryland, USA, for the past 20 years.

I’m a lover of simplicity and the beauty that comes from within. When I was 24, I studied the art of Public Relations in Bolivia, but my passion led me across the globe to the USA. I was determined to follow my dreams, even though I needed to speak the language fluently.

I’ve spent 14 wonderful years in the world of beauty, and my journey has been a bit like a rollercoaster, especially with the challenges brought by COVID-19. But I’ve learned that beauty is about embracing your natural self.

I believe in the power of “Your Time and Your Hands.” That means you can reveal your radiant beauty naturally. As a certified Esthetician and Face Yoga instructor, I’m here to guide you on this journey to a more beautiful you.

So, whether you’ve been with me for years or just starting this beautiful journey, I’m genuinely grateful for your support. And to those who are about to join us.

I can’t wait to meet you and help you unlock your natural beauty potential.


About Lumina Skin By Cecilia

Lumina Skin by Cecilia, is a sanctuary of natural beauty and holistic well-being, born from an 18-year journey that began within the visionary office of Dr. Martinez at Visionary Ophthalmology.

We continued our dedication to the skincare world for the next decade, specializing in facial and laser treatments.

In the past three years, Lumina Skin has evolved to embrace both in-person and online treatments, providing a path to inner and outer beauty that transcends physical results, focusing instead on emotional well-being.

We’ve crafted online courses designed for you to enjoy individually or in groups, alongside colleagues friends, or in solitude.

Join us in this holistic journey towards the beauty that radiates from the inside out.

At Lumina Skin By Cecilia, we celebrate the essence of true beauty, where every step is an opportunity to enhance your emotional and physical well-being. 🌟🌿


To inspire individuals to discover their inner balance, embrace holistic wellness, and nurture their natural beauty in harmony with the world around them.


To provide accessible, practical, and sustainable holistic programs that empower individuals to enhance their overall well-being through mindful practices, self-care, and a deep connection with nature.

We are committed to helping on a journey of self-discovery, inner love, and radiant natural beauty.

"Natural Beauty Workshops"

Get ready for an incredible experience that will help you completely transform your lifestyle and enhance your skin’s beauty.

In these workshops, you’ll discover my special method for detoxifying, contouring, and sculpting your face.

We’ll use natural techniques like face yoga, breathing exercises, and lymphatic massages to achieve fantastic results.

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